Lifestyle diseases: Types of lifestyle diseases and common triggers

Nowadays lifestyle diseases have started affecting kids as well. Technology has played a huge role in more uncommon diseases unheard off during our grandparent’s teenage days. Video games, laptops and other technological factors have made people if this generation to be less physical in their activities. Unlike reputable diseases like  malaria, cholera which can be […]

Importance of communication in every relationship

Communication is really important for a relationship to work. Most relationships fail because of lack of a clear communication system. Below are some of the tips to use:- Honesty Being completely honest with your partner is very important. Many people pretend that they are happy for the sake of their partner’s happiness and in actual […]

Feeling Bloated?? Tips to use to reduce bloating

Bloating is a condition that occurs after you have eaten where your stomach feels swollen. It is usually caused by excess gas production and movements of muscles of the digestive system. This can lead to increased pressure and discomfort.However, in some people, bloating is caused mostly by increased sensitivity where they feel as if there […]

Food to eat if you have cancer

Having a healthy diet is essentially important especially for a cancer patient. It can be a game changer if you eat a healthy diet and avoid unhealthy foods which have sugary substances. It is always advisable to cancer patients to observe their diet especially during Chemo therapy. Below are some of the foods that Cancer […]